Laser cutting is a process that uses an intense laser beam to rapidly cut nearly any shape in sheet material. Parts remain flat because the heat distortion is minimal. The edges are precise and smooth, and the finished parts are ready for assembly without requiring additional work. 


Fix the plate to be grooved on the worktable,adjust the processing starting point(origin),and use the tool rest adjusting motor to drive the tool rest to perform planing and processing on the plate to form the required "V"groove.The depth and width of the"V" can be ensured by the feed amount and different tools.Before slotting,it is necessary to program according to the number,spacing, depth and width of slotting required for slotted plates.Automatic slotting can be carried out after the programming parameters are input.


The bending and forming of stainless steel sheets are carried out on the bending machine.Place the workpiece to be formed on the bending machine,lift the brake shoe with the lifting lever,slide the workpiece to the appropriate position,and then lower the brake shoe to the workpiece to be formed.The bending and forming of metal is realized by applying force to the bending lever on the bending machine.


It is a machine that uses one blade to make reciprocating linear motion with respect to another blade to cut plates.By means of the moving upper blade and the fixed lower blade,a reasonable blade gap is used to apply shear force to metal plates of various thicknesses, so that the plates are broken and separated according to the required size.